Each person’s “bottom” is different. Some people recognize they are in trouble early while others  wait until they lose their jobs or their families.  What you need to ask yourself is: Do I really have a problem? How far down do I want to go before I make an effort to come back up?  Am I willing to risk the possibility that I’ll NEVER make it back up? 

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Did you answer yes more than 3 times? If so, you are probably in trouble with alcohol and/or drugs. We know...because thousands of people in recovery have said so for many years. They found out the truth about themselves—the hard way. But again, only you can decide whether you think recovery is for you. Try to keep an open mind on the subject. If the answer is Yes, we will be glad to show you how we stopped drinking ourselves. Call.

Recovery does not promise to solve your life's problems. But we can show you how we are learning to live without mind-altering substances "one day at a time." How to stay away from that first drink, first pill, first drug. If there is no first one, there cannot be a tenth. And when you recover from alcoholism or other drugs, you’ll find that life is much more enjoyable.

Let us help. We are your peers. We've been there and we understand.