Damian Trujillo

Damian has worked as a Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor, Sober Companion, Recovery Coach and is a prominent Recovery Advocate.  He works tirelessly in the recovery community working towards helping individuals get and stay sober. Based on his dedication and love for helping people in recovery, Damian received the Recovery Ambassador Award from the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

Damian is in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Because of his experiences with addiction and recovery he knows and understands how hopeless active addiction can be for the addict and their friends and family members. He also knows that by being armed with the right set of tools, the right motivation, the right guidance and a willingness to change, that ANYONE can recover.

As a result of this disease, Damian had suffered through significant mental, physical, and legal trouble. It wasn’t till after Damian got sober that he began to fully realize the traumatic effects his lifestyle had on the people that loved and cared for him. One of his greatest rewards of being sober is knowing that his parents and loved ones are at peace – knowing that he is safe in the arms of recovery. Damian hopes that through his continued efforts in this industry, he can aid many families and individuals to find recovery.

Damian has also contributed on a legislative level where he has advocated for laws that can help aid the recovery movement and that can help people suffering from addiction get the help that they need. Damian is also a well-recognized recovery speaker. He has spoken at treatment centers, schools, prisons, rally’s, community events and fundraisers. He has been featured on number of news programs, documentaries, published articles and was on Tuesdays with Troy with Doctor Phil.

Damian’s goal in life is to continue dedicating his life to helping others recover from drug and alcohol addiction.He hopes to see a day come when addiction no longer affects every household in our communities and a time when it is no longer an epidemic in our world.